Original Vintage John Deere dealers transfer / sticker


This auction is for all of you John Deere collectors!

This is an original dealers transfer for on your equipment.

This is great for you restored antique JD tractor. What better decal to put on it than an original transfer from a dealer?! This would also be a wonderful item for you JD scrapbook. Maybe even to put on you beer mug! (NOT dishwasher safe). It could be really cool to have to display in a frame when you take you John Deere to a show. Another idea is for under the glass of your John Deere theme bar! So many possibilities!

We make NO guarantee that these still work. The instructions for these are to "dip in water and slide transfer off paper onto object".

The sticker / transfer states; John Deere, Quality Farm Equipment, Parts - Service, Lee Krueger Implement Company, Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin, Phone 940.

Yes! The phone # was actually 940. ONLY 3 numbers!! WOW!

This transfer measures; 4 1/4" X 2 1/4"

This was manufactured by the Meyercord Company, Chicago 44, Ill, USA. Made in the USA.

T is a number on the back also, it reads; 33666 35771 109-7-46

I am unsure of the date of this transfer but we are speculating that this last number may have something to do with the date. Could it be 1948?

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