Original Wackel ELVIS PRESLEY - Hanging, Dancing, Car Window doll *BOXED/NEW*

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ABOUT ME BRITISH expat from the U.K. now based in lovely Bangkok, Thailand. An E-Bay member for over 11 years mainly specializing in pro-wrestling merchandise and now gradually branching out into Japanese Anime, and Cult collectables. Hope you can join me and find something you're looking for. Please enquire if there's ANYTHING that you're in search...i may be able to help.

CUSTOMERS I've had and continue to get many regular customers which are very much appriciated. However, like alot of sellers on "the bay" I do get the occasional bad buyer. Non paying bidders, rude, aggressive, and scammers will be automatically blocked from my future auctions. In the end it will be their loss as I list some awesome items on a weekly basis.

PAYMENT Payment is expected ideally within 4 days. I am very flexible if you contact me and advise when payment will be sent. No contact after 4 days will result in a non-paying bidder alert being filed. Just too many time wasters on E-Bay right now which cost us sellers money and time.

DELIVERY TIMES All vary and are estimated, depending on your country. These are the realistic delivery dates as i've found out by sending hundreds of items
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