Original Walter Margaret Keane Painting Prints Rejected & A Boy's Dog 1962

2 Original Walter / Margaret Keane Painting Prints. 1962 "Rejected" and "A Boy's Dog". Both are in about the same condition with Original Frames. The "Rejected" print with the little girl crying has some ware on the bottom right of the frame, you can see the wood was chipped a bit. Also on that print the back paper is a bit torn up but that's to be expected for paper this old. On the other print "A Boy's Dog" the back paper is completely gone. Both have hanging clips and are ready to be placed on a wall. In the bottom left hand corner there is a Keane Signature with the year marked 1962. As far as imperfections go there's not much to say but that they are old. The colors still pop and there's no visible scratches or stains on the paintings themselves. Sizes for these 2 prints are different. "Rejected" is a 6x12" print in a 14 & 1/2" X 8 & 3/4" frame. "A Boy's Dog" is a 6&3/4 X 12" print with a 14&1/2 X 9&1/4" Frame. Both have a metal plate reading the piece's name and "Walter Keane" also Both make very interesting pieces to put in a home or office and really pops out at you and demands attention. If you have any questions or comments feel free to contact me, Thanks -Nick