Original WW2 A-2 18091 Flight Jacket by Rough Wear

This is a very nice original A-2 flight jacket flying jacket by one of the most reknowned of makers, Rough Wear, and is of their early 18091 contract.

The jacket is in totally useable and wearable condition having had a refurbishment by the military probably also during the WW2 period. Originally as with all 18091 contract jackets, the goatskin leather, of which it is made, was of a light pumpkin colour but it has had a re-dye during the WW2 period. The goatskin leather on this jacket really is the best I have seen on any jacket having a truly outstanding character and shine. This is what makes originals so much more satisfying to wear than repros as NO repro can ever match the incredible look of the leather extant on this jacket. It is particularly nice because the lighter pumpkin colour just shows through the darker seal brown giving it a wonderful deep rich mahogany colour. It has the original WW2 Army Air Forces transfer on the left shoulder.

The A-2 has its original waistband which has some darning but is totally useable. The lining is a WW2 replacement and is in good order. It has a WW2 Crown chevron zipper. The cuffs are recent replacements put on by Eastman Leather of England. When I got the jacket it had no label but Eastman kindly installed one of their 1401 contract labels. I emphasise this is a repro
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