7 Original WW2 US Army & Navy Aircraft Spotter Recognition Silhouette Models

Great Estate Find! Set of World War II Army & Navy Aircraft Spotter Recognition Silhouette Models for the civilian watcher. Also includes "The Aircraft Spotters Guide" and a map of the eastern defense area / Atlantic air defense identification zone for Boston

The Silhouette models were made from a hard black cardboard material that you punched out to construct the silhouettes. They came in a sleeve with the model and instructions on the front. This set includes 7 completed silhouettes and 2 sleeves that were used but I do not have the models just the sleeves.

The Models include are:

§ Scout bomber U. S. N. SBD 3 Dauntless

§ Fighter A.A.F. P-43-A

§ Fighter A.A.F. 36-A Br. Mohawk

§ Dive bomber A.A.F. A 31 Br. Vengeance

§ Observations scout U.S. Navy OS2U-1 Kingfisher

§ Fighter A.A.F. O-49-E Br. Kitty Hawk

§ Fighter U.S. Navy F2A-3 Buffalo British Buffalo

Sleeves ONLY no models:

§ Torpedo bomber U.S. Navy TBD-1 Devastator

§ Scout observation U.S. Navy SO3C-1 Seagull

The models have string attached to them so they can be suspended. All the models are in good condition. The tail part of the Vengeance has broken but is included. One of the guns on the Kingfisher is off but all parts are included. (please see pictures for detail)

They range
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