original WWII 506th PIR Airborne 3 Patches! Paratrooper

This is an original 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment Patch and a couple of old paratrooper cap patches as well. I found it made into something that could be displayed on a wall. The backing looks to me like the liner from an A-2 jacket. I am not a militaria expert, but that is my impression. The patch was stiffened with a thin disc of wood. I cut some of the threads so that the back of the patch could be viewed. The paratrooper airborne patches look like 2 different styles, one is on fuzzy wool and the other looks like it was stitched on cotton maybe. All the patches are a little soiled and I did not try to clean anything, of course. If you have any comments or questions, please ask. I will ship outside the USA and costs can be found at for your country.

Sorry about the long auction(10 days). I know you want it now, but NO "Buy It Now" and what with Thanksgiving weekend, I figured that people can be patient. Just don't fall asleep on me and forget to BID!