Original WWII B-29 Central Fire Control System Manual

Boeing B-29 Super Fortress Central Station Fire Control System Manual. If you want to know everything about the weapons systems on the mighty WWII B-29 very heavy bomber, is the manual for you! This HUGE 645 page manual covers every aspect of the remote turrets from guns to electrical and everything in between. The General Electric designed firing system gave unprecedented weapons control to remotely located gunners each with the ability to train one gun turret or all on a particular target. The B-29 had four electrically controlled twin 50 caliber turets and a tail mount armed with a pair of 50 caliber guns and a 20 mm cannon. This manual is a fantastic read covering all aspects of the defensive weaponry on board the B-29. Dated 15 October 1943 with a revision to 30 June 1944. T.O. No. 11-70A-1. PAGES ARE IN GREAT SHAPE AND THE MANUAL IS COMPLETE. Hundreds of pictures and illustrations and many huge fold out electrical schematics. If you love B-29 items or bomber weapons, you will go crazy with the massive amount of information, great pictures and illustrations in this manual!! This is a NO RESERVE auction.