ORIGINAL Yugo SKS 59/66 Rifle Cleaning Kit Zastava #3

ATTN: - Parts will only work on SKS rifles with fixed magazine. I ship to the United States ONLY!

Moving Sale! I am lighting my load for A Road Trip! I am clea ning out my Closet and Chests - I need to move out my left over Innovatory. They were stashed away for 1 reason or another. Please check back, I will be listing 1-time items .


*Receive Actual Photo items.

Last One This Nice!

The kits were taken right out of rifles that had been stored and preserved with Cosmoline. I have cleaned a good majority of the Cosmoline off; some are cleaned better than others, so they will still have some Cosmoline on/in them, which could be easily cleaned up by you! They will vary from Used to better condition. The kits will show wear and or use.

Bid is for 1 kit at a time !

A 100% Original Yugo SKS Military Cleaning Kit, ( Used Military Surplus) . This is a tube-style cleaning kit that fits in the Buttstock of most rifles that feature a "trap door" This cleaning kit was made for rifles with a caliber of 7.62.

Please note that the tube is marked with "S-800 000" what is from the Zastava factory. I have seen this also on the leather slings by the steel buckle and on ammo pouches on the back; they would be on the right side of the pouch. Look just under the belt
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