Orla XM900 Orchestra Module


Excellent condition, Rarely used (Genuine reason for sale)

Complete with Unit, Owners Manual, Foot Pedal, Conection Leads, Set up & Demo Discs and Original Carry Case

The XM900 unit is becomingincreasingly popular with Accordion and Organ players alike. For the Accordionist the XM900 offers some simply stunning accordion (40 Authentic samples) sounds. When connected to an organ (via Midi) the player can enjoy the warm, rich tones associated with the GT Series of instruments. The realistic sounds and styles on offer can re-fresh your playing enjoyment.

The XM900 offers:

· Stunning Orchestral Voices with Superb Organ and Virtual Accordion Sounds

· Built in Registrations and Automatic Set Ups

· 40 Overall presets programmed with factory settings including registrations for Organ, Big Band, Orchestral, Jazz and Accordion

· Advanced Rhythm Orchestrations

· Built in Performance Recorder with Disk Drive

· An extensive rhythm section featuring 106 different styles

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