Orlando Cepeda Pin Ribbon Ball&Glove Fob Vintage 60-62?

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Vintage Orlando Cepeda Photo Button/Ribbon Ball & Glove Fob @ 1960-62?

This Photo Button & Ribbon, Ball & Glove Fob is in EXCELLENT Condition. The photo makes the ribbon appear very bright and almost fuschia (which it is not), but it is only slightly faded. Size: 1 1/3 Wide by 5 1/2 Tall Please check out my 'Willie Mays Vintage Photo Button & Ribbon, Ball & Bat Fob' on another listing (shown as a large photo of Willie with the fob attached); as well as some Vintage Baseball Cards and other Memorobilia. I'm attempting to list everything at once, but these were almost too cute to sell. Oh ... and I don't know the exact year, but everything else I found was from 1958 to 1962, so the guys looked like it was around 1960 to 1962 when these photos were taken. Go Giants!

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