Ornate Silver on Copper HEAVY Coffee/Tea Set NO RESERVE

Ornate silver on copper (so it's heavy) coffee/tea set

The set is in very good condition, no dings, dents or silver loss that I can tell. Each piece is marked with "BSG, silver on copper" and a crown emblem (see pictures.) The set is at least sixty years old. It weighs slightly under 20 pounds; the tray alone is 9+ pounds.

The set includes:

Tray - 28 ¼" from the end of each handle, 17" width, 1 ¼" legs causing the tray to stand 1 ¾" tall. It weighs 9+ lbs. The tray does have some staining/tarnish in the center. I haven't tried cleaning it, perhaps it can be polished or buffed away??? Remaining items below are in excellent condition:

Large coffee pot - 11 ½" tall and 10 ½" from the end of spout to the end of the handle Small coffee/tea pot - 10 ½" tall and 10 ½" from the end of spout to the end of the handle Sugar bowl with lid - 6 ½" from base to the top of lid finale X 6 ½" Waste bowl - 4 ¼" tall X 3 ¾" Hot water kettle - 10" tall X 9 ½" Note: I am not including the creamer in the set because it has a broken tip from one leg. If you'd like the creamer and the tip from its leg, please let me know and I'll include it. Perhaps it can be soldered?

Please email me with any questions. I will do my best to pack the set very well and mark the box fragile. Insurance is optional.