Orphan Auction: One Shots and Annuals (one and done stories) 50 Books!

Price guide says $190; I say we don't need no steenking price guides. Please note that due to size there is no combined shipping discounts on orphan auction lots. However if you buy any non-orphan items they will ship out for only 25 cents postage per item as is usual for my auctions. This lot contains a minimum of 50 Books (books with 3/4th cover or in lousy condition are not added to the total number of books and are free add-ins).

What is an Orphan Auction?

An orphan auction is my name for an inventory clearance sale. All books in this style auction were in my eBay store for 3 months or longer as single units and got no takers. The books will now be sold in lots and each auction lot will be grouped by category. While there may be one or two coverless or three quarter cover books in each lot, all of the books to my knowledge are complete. I will post pictures of some of the typical books in the lot. Most books are in the Fair-VG range, with some better and almost none worse. I am told by my customers that I already have some of the cheapest prices on eBay, but you ain’t seen nothing yet. The starting prices on these orphan auctions will be ridiculously low. I will list the total price guide value of each group based on strict conservative grading. The cost of postage will be $13.45-$15 which covers a priority
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