OSG's (Operational Sudies Group) Napoleon Against Russia Unpunched Complete

Up for auction is OSG's Napoleon Against Russia. Designed by Kevin Zucker, Napoleon against Russia contains five battles from the critical stage of Napoleon's 1812 Russian Campaign, when the Russian Army finally gave Napoleon the decisive battles that he so greatly desired. The game is well suited for both beginners and experienced wargamers with excellent replayability. It is a card assist (not card driven) game. This game is part of OSG's Library of napoleonic Battles series, which uses one and the same rules folder for all the battles included with no redesigning of the rules along the way. This allows the player to learn the rules once and then focus on the unique situation presented by each battle.
The five battles asre:
1) Smolensk, A Battle Postponed, 16-17 August
2) Valutino, The Lost Rearguard, 18-19 August
3) Shevardino. Fight for the Redoubt, 5-6 September
4) Borodino, The Russian Army Saved, 7-8 September
5) Maloyaroslavets, The Retreat to Nowhere, 23-24 October
The game is complete, unpunched, unplayed, with components in new and mint condition.
International winners are responsible for shipping charges to their respective destinations. The game will be shipped via USPS International Priority Mail.
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