Ottoman Silver Islamic 5 Kurush Coin of Sultan Muhammad V - 1909 AD

A silver 5 kurush coin from the Ottoman Empire minted under Sultan Muhammad V circa 1909 AD.

Diameter: 26 mm.

Weight: 6.95 g.


From the collection of Mr. Samir Shamma (1911-2001).

Shamma is one of the pre-eminant names in Islamic Numismatics. Born in Safad, Palestine, he was obliged to leave in 1948, after the town was captured by Israeli forces following the conclusion of British Mandate rule. He subsequently emigrated to Saudi Arabia where he became one of the most successful lawyers of his generation, introducing company and shipping law to the country. His success as a lawyer allowed him to pursue his passion of Islamic coinage, where he acted as patron to major institutions, as well as forming a most remarkable collection of his own. His entire collection of over 9000 coins, including this piece, was catalogued by the Ashmolean Museum Oxford, and is now in the process of being published.

ArtAncient Limited is pleased to have purchased a significant percentage of Mr. Shamma's collection - each coin comes with its own paper inventory folder listing references etc. See the series Sylloge of Islamic coins in the Ashmolean Museum.

Please note: This is a genuine ancient silver coin. This piece is offered for sale without reserve to promote our extensive inventory of antiquities
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