This is an original relief wood carving of a family of playful raccoons in a burned-out tree by artist/sculptor/potter John Ramer Sherrill. When mounted as shown, it is 30" wide at the widest and 14 3/4" high. The mother raccoon is 10" high from tip of the ears to tip of the claws. The baby with its paws over its mouth is 6" high (not counting the tail). Note that most chainsaw carvings on Ebay mention height or width only. These are almost all carved from 1" x 12" boards which are actually only 11 1/4" wide when bought at the lumber dealer. I have sold a number of these myself on Ebay, but I have always chafed at the limitations of the relatively narrow boards. I began visiting sawmills and found that I could obtain sawn slabs which had not yet been cut into standard lumber. These are the full width of the tree at this point, and have not been planed or dried. However, being a potter as well as a wood carver, I own my own kilns, and so kiln dry them myself. This one is pine, and after carving was "browned" with a propane torch and blackened in others. No stains or paints were used anyw on this piece. The front side was finished with three coats of Minwax Helmsman indoor/outdoor spar urethane, which is resistant to ultraviolet light and most contaminants such as salt spray, and is washable. The back is flat and was sanded smooth

Shipping is a flat $16.00, which includes handling and insurance. Thanks for looking and good bidding. John Ramer Sherrill.

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