1 OUNCE U.S. Pre-1965, 90% SILVER Coins, Not JUNK, Dollars Halves Quarters Dimes

Thanks for looking at our auction! You are bidding on 1 OUNCE of 90% Silver US Coins PRE 1965. Picture displayed is an example only of the coins chosen from, for each mixed lot.

Description of your purchase:

You will receive ONE Ounce (oz) of U.S. Silver Coins containing 90% Silver (NO War Nickels or 40% Kennedy Clad Half Dollars) . Each lot will be selected from the following coins: Morgans or Peace Dollars, Half dollars (Barber, Walking Liberty, Kennedy or Franklin), Quarters (Barber, Standing Liberty or Washington), and Dimes (Barber, Mercury or Roosevelt). Most of the coins are in great condition and some look unused.

For protection the coins are wrapped in bubble wrap

INVEST in Silver for the Future! Silver will ALWAYS have value and is a great hedge against INFLATION.


I only accept Paypal for payments. Please pay as soon as possible and no later than 3 days after your purchase. If you are bidding on multiple items, please let me know. When you are done with all your auctions I will send you a invoice.


I ship only to the US. All international orders will be cancelled. All purchases will be shipped within three business days after payment is received. Combined shippings is $1.00 for each additional item.