Outback Steakhouse meridean MS pin pins (2) Extr rare

you are bidding on 2 pins! PLEASE READ ALL DETAILS!!!!!!

OUTBACK STEAKHOUSE meridean mississippi pins.THATS RIGHT 2 PINS!!!!

's the deal. As many of you know Outback pins have been manufactured by the pin center. They have done this for years on end! At one point for a very short period of time Outback used another company called "HOGEYE". They actually made the Meridean pin first. Then t was a falling out with Ouback & this company! Needless to say Outback does not use this company any more! The pin was re produced by the pin center. The colors are a little different!

YOU ARE BIDDING ON BOTH! Keep in mind you can not get the after market pin!!!!

Hey outbackers it's me Aussiepinguy!!!!!! I am back with more of your favorite Outback Pins! As many of you know I have always sold many great & Rare outback pins all over the world!

This pin is extremely rare!!!!!

Paypal preferred but money orders & checks will be accepted but must clear before I will ship!!!! Positive feedback will be left when you have received the item & have already left my feedback...

Shipping will be $2.00 FOR THE FIRST PIN. & .50 FOR EACH ADDITIONAL PIN "excluding proof pins"

Good Luck & Happy Bidding!