Outback Steakhouse Pin Collectors Encyclopedia

Outback Steakhouse Pin Collector's Encyclopedia

If you're a serious pin collector or just want to learn more about the lapel pin culture at Outback Steakhouse, is the book for you. Profusely illustrated, in color, the book covers over 1,200 different pins which have been issued to Outback employees.

Each page is printed on heavy glossy paper. A unique number is listed along with a crisp, clear, color photograph of each pin . This makes it easy to organize your collection and communicate with other collectors.

A unique feature of the book is its grouping of pins by theme. Themes include States & Animals, Specific Restaurants that have issued pins, Holidays and Events, Sports, Transportation, Sales Achievements and "All About Outbackers". Do you want to know what pins were issued to commemorate collegiate sports, sumo wrestling, naval vessels, rock climbing, employee recognition, Halloween or specific stores in Peru ? These are just a few of the many categories that make it easy to organize your collection, focus your collecting interests or conduct research about the pin culture of the Outback corporation.

Outback employees will love the chapter on the background behind the pin culture. Employees will also find the dictionary of terms very helpful and enlightening. All unusual words found on
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