Outdoor christmas ladder santa,elf,reindeer,&snowman

LARGE 9' L X 16" W OUTDOOR SANTA AND FRIENDS CLIMBING A LADDER. THIS IS A GREAT CHRISTMAS DECORATION! IT CAPTURES THE FEELING AND FUN OF CHRISTMAS. MADE OF WATER PROOF FABRIC SANTA, SNOWMAN, ELF AND REINDEER, EACH OVER 1 ½ FEET TALL, ARE CLIMBING THEIR WAY TO YOUR ROOFTOP TO DELIVER GIFTS. IT IS FUN BY DAY, BUT EVEN MORE MAGICAL AT NIGHT WHEN YOU TURN ON THE LIGHTS! COMES WITH 70 CLEAR LIGHTS TO ILLUMINATE THE WAY FOR SANTA & HIS FRIENDS. (THE LIGHTS GO UP THE SIDE OF LADDER) UL LISTED. MEASURES A LARGE 9' L X 16" W. DON'T WAIT TILL DECEMBER TO BUY OR YOU MIGHT GET LEFT OUT. I would like the winning bidder to wait for me to invoice. Buyer will be responsible for all shipping charges.I ship with in 2-5 days AFTER payment has been made. Taking the option for the insurance is recommended, if you choose not to I am not responsible for lost items or broken items. All items are checked before they are shipped. Ask questions before you bid because all sale's are final.

INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS ONLY this does not apply to US please don't go by the calculator, it is wrong! It is calculating to low. E-mail for shipping charges, if you win and pay a lower rate I will not ship it out until the remainder of the shipping charge is paid and I will bill for the rest of it. Also UPS is the only one who can track a package out of the US,
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