We recently attended an estate sale in Northern New Hampshire w we found this STUNNING 1911 Singer Red Eye treadle sewing machine!!! Folks if you've always wanted a Red Eye treadle in the FANCY six drawer treadle....THIS IS IT!!!!

-The Machine- ...Again, a Red Eye head....Singer's model 66, made in New Jersey in 1911! The decals on this FINE machine are terrific! The border decals LOOK like they hae never had a piece of cloth...pin...or needle slid across them! Front border decals....and back....they are simply DELIGHTFUL! The bed decal is stunning! I took a real up-close picture so you could see how GREAT it is! In person you can even see the natural ripple in the applied gold leaf! WOW!!! This machine DOES have some decal wear on the rear arm...as pictured...and a decal flec missing & t...but nothing...and I mean NOTHING to dissapoint! WOW! The machine is very clean! T is some old grunge on the small...hard to get at....metal pieces...time for a Q-tip? This machine turns like NEW....freely...easily....perfect! T is a bobbin in the machine, and SEVERAL extra bobbins included! Also included are the machines original manual and attachments!!! T are also a few....extremely LIGHT scratches on the bed by the 1/2 circle slide plate.

-The WOOD- The wood on this treadle is TIGER OAK veneer with SOLID OAK framework! The cabinet and drawers are in very good condition with some very typical age-related flaws...these consist of some small chips and DINGS...I have pictured a few of the chips on the machines flip-top lid...but t are also other small chips on the lower -REAR- drawer frames...as you can see in the pictures provided...These chips and dings I speak of in NO-WAY detract from the beauty of this STRIKING cabinet! Also...throughout the cabinet...t are some foreign paint flecs and smears...they are minor, and some rubbing alcohol or a ligh touch with some 0000 steel wool would take these off...I believe at some point in time the previous owner sealed the surfaces of the wood...because the chips and dings that appear are not "fresh," they have no jagged edges to get caught on anything....a NICE touch!!! This treadle is a head-turner...I mention all of these little flaws because I try to be meticulous with every detail of my machines...please take a moment to view my feedback!

-The IRON- The treadle irons are in GOOD condition! They have NO breaks....NO cracks....and NO repairs!!! When we purchased this treadle it was....was missing 2 of it's metal casters...but the GREAT thing about buying a treadle from Wolfegang's Collectibles...is that antique sewing machines is ALL we do! So we simply got a few SINGER casters out of our stock...and replaced the missing casters...ALL is perfect now! The treadle irons so have SOME paint loss....mostly on the lower 6 to 8 inches of the treadle's legs...as is typical for a painted piece of iron that stands on the floor and is almost 100 years old! Some other small assorted paint chips also appear & t on the base...minor! The GOLD Singer center brace logo....and the OVAL emblems on the legs are GREAT! T is some gold loss...but as you can see in the pictures...they still LOOK wonderful! The treadle operated exactly as it sould...roatating freely and easily! The treadle base is a TAD-bit dusty dirty...as to be expected!

-The HISTORY- As we said earlier in this description, we purchased this treadle at an estate sale....but...because we are always curious about these machines & their history, we asked the estate owners about the machine! The previous owners purchased this machine from a Singer store in PA in the 1950's. They told us that t...

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