In spite of my terrible photos and the fact that our dining table is the closest I could come to a double bed, this is an outstanding Normandy lace double coverlet/spread in warm beige instead of the typical white or cream. I would call it tea stained, but I believe it is a little warmer than that. There are no separations, tears, or stains in this piece, nor do I find any holes in the delicate embroidered fabric insets. The top of the spread is 86 ½ inches long and 54 inches wide. It has a skirt on three sides which is between 14 ½ and 16 inches wide. The skirt hangs straight and is slightly gathered in the 2 corners to make it fall properly. There are tiny holes just above the embroidery all around the skirt (see photo) where I believe a strip of colored satin (which probably matched the underlining) was once attached. Since these are in the netting, I do not think they are noticeable, but I mention them as not everyones’ eyes see things the same way. I have not laundered the spread. It has no musty or mildew odors. The last image is the closest to the actual color of the spread.