Over 40 Comics, Batman, Superman, Star Trek

Thank you for reading about this item. It consists of over 40 + comics, different years, Batman, Robin, Superman, X-Men, GI Joe. I will try listing them by character, with as much info as I can relay:

Robin II The Jokers Wild (2 of them, one in plastic)

X Files Special Edition Topps Comics, no plastic

Superman Nov 91#61 (plastic), #508 Jan 94 (P), #78 Jun 93 (P), #717 Jan 96 (P), Superman Aliens Book III (NP)

Batman #668 Nov 93 (P), #509 Jul 94 (P)

Shadow of the Bat #10 Mar 93 (P), #9 Feb 93 (P)

Grendel Batman Devils Masque (P)

Star Trek DS9 #2 (2) in original wrapper

Star Trek #71 May 95 (P)

XMEN 2099 (P)

XFactor Feb 97(P)

X Men #10 July (P)

T is EXCALIBUR X-Men Deluxe Mutants Night Out and Adventures of the X Men Sep 96 #6, neither in plastic

Wolverine/Ghost Rider one comic, flips over to the other no plastic

X Force #37 Aug (P)

X Factor #70 SEPT (P) and #74 Jan (P)

Spiderman #103 JUNE (P)

GI Joe 2 of 4 (P)

Then an assortment of MIDNIGHT SONS (P), CROSSROADS 1988 (P). MEAN MACHINE 1 (P), LOST CONTINENT book 1 of 6, BLOOD SWORD,

ALIENS NEWTS TALE, Martian Manhunter, THE STRANGERS, Cyclops and Phoenix, X-O MANOWAR, Drunken Fist, SUPREME, Wild C.A.T.S., Blood Fang,
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