Up n Over the Ladies Ski Jump poster vintage Free Ship

True Story!..This Classic Black and White shot was taken on Mt. Lassen in Northern California on July 4th 1942. Due to the deep snow..It was the first time all year that the pass was clear and the road could be traveled. On that road..or at least crossing over it, celebrating our nations birthday flying off the ski jump (instead of hangin' at the beach) was Dick Brown. Dick was a member of the 10th Mountain Division (military troopers on skis) who served in WWII. Dick must have been on leave this particular independence day..and apparently decided to get his own "X-Treme" games going. However, with ESPN not even on the Militarys' radar yet..Dick decided to impress these 2 beautiful snow bunnies (Miss Tunison and Miss Beverly Irish..both residents of Westwood Calif.) instead of bein' on cable TV. Way to go Dick!...Ya did good!..This poster measures 20" x 30" is suitable for framing and is perfect for the ski enthusiast in the family. Hang it in the family room, chalet or condo and take a trip down memory lane! ..This Poster is Vintage and in Mint condition, has never been used , and gets shipped in a sturdy shipping tube from Buffalo, N.Y. US A. Shipping, insurance and handeling are FREE within the continental USA.. Shipping outside the Continental USA is actual..(My cost to ship is your cost)......I have been on EBAY since 1997 and ... read more