Over the Door,Metal Gold Card Holder!Christmas/etc!,NIB

This is a Gold Colored ,very Strong ,heavy,and well made metal card holder with a metal lacy gold bow on top, this can be used to hold cards, postcards, photos etc, great for your christmas cards,postcards, and every day mail !!!!!!! measures 47 inches long and holds a minimun of 48 cards, In this picture what you are actually seeing is the item folded in half, it is much longer than it looks....part way down on this metal holder is a hinge allowing you to fold it in half - if you do not have that many cards to display or open it to its full length of 64-65 rings .You cannot really notice w it can fold when it is totally open nor can you really notice that it is folded -if you choose to fold it in half as it will tuck in back of the front part and still hang lovely from your door , t are actually 64-65 metal rings on the totally opened item so you can really hold much more than 48 cards on it.. but it would of course be more crowded and harder to see each card individually than if you only put only 48 cards in it.(((((( can also be sent as a gift to a different address with a free card and your message included !!! ))))))new in box, I combine shipping !!!!!!!!