Owen Minerva Pink Roses Lemonade Pitcher & 6 Tumblers

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Antique Lemonade Set

Pink Roses

Owen Minerva Gold Medal

Auction includes early 1900's lemonade pitcher and a set of six tumblers. I was delighted to find this pitcher with six matching tumblers in such nice condition.

Mark on bottom is Owen Minerva Gold Medal St. Louis. This company was founded by Edward J Owen in 1902 and stayed open until Depression forced it to close in 1932. This set must have been produced after 1904. Owen won a gold medal at the St. Louis World's Fair in that year for "best domestic semi-porcelain". That's when the Gold Medal mark started. (Source: Kovels)

Pitcher stands 5 3/4" tall, measures 7 3/4" across from tip of spout to edge of handle. Tumblers stand 5 1/4" tall.

I find some typical vintage manufacturing imperfections. (Underglaze nicks along base, underglaze indents, underglaze bumps.) I will also point out everything else I see. The pitcher has some areas where the transfer did not adhere properly. These spots are underglaze. They are not chips or flakes. With a loupe, you can see the glaze puddle around them so I believe the pitcher was like this from the beginning.

The gold accent paint along the rims shows a little wear. Every piece is clean inside. Pitcher has some tiny specs of pink paint inside. One glass
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