Owl & Raven Pendant Magic! Master carved & Black Onyx

Owl & Raven Pendant set with a Black Onyx stone

Spectacular Carving!

Owl & Raven Animal Totem pendant is hand carved in Bali from deer shed antler. Deer sheds its antler every year a gift to us. It is a bone and will last a lifetime. Incredible carving with attention to details. Notice the Owl's beak, ears, feathers and the fine details in the Raven. Carved by our Master carver. Left natural antler on the back, polished smooth.

The antler coloring is a light cream. Perfect!

Set with silver Bali bale of 1/4" long. Tied with a black adjustable cotton cord that you can exchange the cord for a leather cord cream color looks great or black and bead with Black onyx or colored beads, silver, bone beads or create your own amazing necklace.

Size: Owl/Raven Pendant 2.75 inches by 1 inche. lightweight. #6421

Owl brings wisdom, healing and increased psychic vision. Raven brings creation, shapeshifting, magic and messenges from the void.

Sacred Art-Sacred Talisman Jewelry is Hand carved Jewelry & Figurines by Balinese Carvers

Designed by Jean, Putu, Komang, Wayan and various other Balinese carvers. Our workshop is located in the Heart of Bali , Indonesia .

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