Kyokushin Encyclopedia series - Kyokushin Karate Kata Video. Performed by some of Sosai Mas Oyama's Japanese top students Kazumi, MATSUI, GODA, CHOUNG...etc. This amazing RARE video tape contain Kihon techniques and all original KYOKUSHIN katas including ura. This tape is worth a gold mine to any Kyokushin student from beginer to black belt. With this tape, I have learned all my katas many months ahead of all the others students of my dojo, and I always been more technical to perfomed my Kata than anybody else. Now, I have more time to work on the very fine details of the kata presentation, while everybody else is still trying to remember their kata. Everybody look at me as a Kata's specialist. The kata presented in this tape are : Taikyoku Sono Ichi, Taikyoku Sono Ni, Taikyoku Sono San, Taikyoku Sono Ichi (Perfomed as a Kick kata / Mae geri), Taikyoku Sono Ni (Performed as a Kick Kata / Kakato geri), Pinan Sono Ichi, Pinan Sono Ni, Pinan Sono San, Pinan Sono Yon (also know as Pinan Sono Chi), Pinan Sono Go,all Pinnan's in ura, Yantsu, Sanchin, Geksai DAI, Geksai Sho, Tsuki no kata, Saifa, Seipai, Garyu, Tensho, Senchin, Kanku, Suchi ho . Serious bidder only. Ask any questions before bidding.

This video(DVD) is the original Japanese version, specially imported from Japan and remastered according to the best print available.
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