1 oz (28 Grams) U.S 90% Silver Coin Lot. QUALITY GUARANTEED! Not Junk!

$1.15 face value 90% silver coin lot. You don't get coins in picture. Picture is just for reference. You'll get one franklin half dollar, one Washington quarter and four Roosevelt dimes. When you receive lot you'll see the great quality of the half and the quarter. The coins in my lots have been cherry picked by me at my supplier. I spend hours every week sorting the coins at my supplier. When I buy, I insist on cherry pick'n and I reject the lower quality coins. That's why you will not receive dented, culls or slicks. Why would I buy culls, slicks or damaged coins when they cost me the same no matter the condition. That's why I discriminate against those ugly coins and reject them. My supplier has thousands and thousands of coins. I am so sure you'll be impressed with quality that I go beyond most other sellers and back up my lots with a 14 day money back guarantee and I PAY FOR RETURN SHIPPING. Other sellers will tell buyers that they don't accept refunds because of silver spot price volatility. I don't care of price volatility in silver market. If the price of silver crashes I'll still take the return within the fourteen days after its scanned delivered and give you your refund and I pay for the return shipping. I'll even refund you the price of the bubble mailer. I promise you that I will have your package personally handed to ... read more