5 oz. GOLDEN STATE MINT art bar! It's pure SILVER and and I know that YOU NEED SILVER!

This 5 Fine Troy oz. art bar from Golden State Mint is a stamped bar of .999 fine silver. GSM of California is a trusted name in silver and gold stamped coins, rounds and bars. This bar commemorates the covered wagon days of the gold rush to California in 1849. The back is plain with a frame for an engraving. This bar was received in the original wrapper but was cleaned. The bar in the picture is the bar you will receive. I guarantee you will be happy with this silver bar.

If you invest your money is stocks or CD's, what do you have to look at? If you invest in commodities, of what can you take possession? Silver is something you can hold and invest at the same time.

Start buying silver any way you can! This is a great bar to start with!

You need silver! This bar wants to be in your collection! It told me so!

If you love silver and you think you might want to read how I personally wrestled these and other bars from Bigfoot than you need to add me to your favorites list!

Silver is an investment in the future! Now is the time to invest in silver as its on its way up! Silver follows the price of oil and gold and will continue to go up!

It always has the value of money, it is beautiful,
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