Cigar Shield 4 oz crystal clear Humidifier Jar / hygrometer
The Cigar Shield crystal clear humidifier is manufactured by a serious Cigar smoker, right here in the USA - the newest in humidifier propylene glycol solutions. Cigar Shield Keep “m” Fresh Cigar Shield jars are filled with a unique "hydro-gel" which will absorb up to 400 times its weight in water. Cigar Shield will achieve maximum moisture output and absorption to regulate humidification perfectly. The proprietary anti-fungal and anti-mold formula eliminates peaks and valleys in humidity and maintains a precise humidity level. The 4 ounce Cigar Shield will humidify 50-100 cigars with zero chance of over humidification. Features: 4 oz jar Regulates humidity for 50 - 100 cigars Slow, steady release of constant humidity Anti - mold, anti-fungal formula Maintains humidity level at 70% Remove lid pull out seal then replace lid before placing in humidor for use.
Mini Digital Hygrometer
just one thing to know this little hygrometer is also a thermometer to but only reads in Celsius this is ok the main use is the hygrometer and it works great its very small and will fit in almost any humidor and can be attached to the inside with a peace of Velcro tape or just set it inside they are not programmable or adjustable the are very
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