This 2 Fine Troy oz. round was created of .999 fine silver as a commemorative to the last great leader of the Aztecs. His life ended fighting the Spanish worrior Cortez. After being captured, Cuauhtemoc was tortured to divulge the wherabouts of the Aztec gold, which did not exist. He was later executed so as to not lead his people to an insurrection. This round is a large diameter 48mm. Everyone recognizes that silver and gold are the future trade units. That's why you see so many of these types of one ounce pieces. On the front of the round is the the Aztec leader with the words "AZTECA CUAUHTEMOC". On the back is the Mexican eagle and the words " DOS ONZAS LEY .999 PLATA PURA" and AMC, the mint logo. This round is in very good condition. On the back on the right side there is a discoloration where this round was tested for silver content. You know you need silver, so you might as well get a great piece like this.

We might be trading with silver before long!!

Maybe, you just love silver! This is the round you will get! It's in great shape! I guarantee you will be happy with this round!

If you invest your money is stocks or CD's, what do you have to look at? If you invest in commodities, of what can you take possession? Silver is something you can hold and invest at the
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