(1)oz Ounce of 90% US SILVER Coins pre-1965 mixed lot

Please Read Listing Details Completely to fully Understand what you are Bidding on or Purchasing and if you have any doubts or anything sounds confusing,, I stress, It's then up to You and You only to ask as many questions as you like and I will get back to you in a timely manner to help you to the best of my knowledge.. before you make your own decision to commit to any agreements set forth

Silver broke a recent high of $28 + an oz..The calm before the storm is over..We are now witnessing the storm...

If Silver is going to continue its run. Make sure you're aboard to $$ profit $$

Now's your chance to own (1) ONE Ounce of U.S. 90% Silver Coins by U.S. standard weight system . You will receive a total of 1oz of Coins which contains the content of 90% silver that is placed on a digital scale and weighed out to 1 standard ounce and in most cases slightly more between (28-31 grams) but never less.. Your mixed lot will be guaranteed to contain either one of the following, Franklin, Kennedy or Walking Liberty half dollar, rest of weight balance will be Mercury or Roosevelt Dimes and Washington Quarters. Condition and dates will vary. Coin mix will be solely at my discretion and what I have in stock, I will not be able to cherry pick for specific dates or conditions...All coins are 90% US SILVER..There will be
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