Ozzy Osbourne I Am 1st Edition book Signed proof COA

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Ozzy Osbourne I Am 1st Edition book Signed proof COA with sales receipt sales flyer book mark Black Sabbath

Ozzy Osbourne - I Am Ozzy

Authentic Hand Signed Hard Cover 1st Edition book

I got this book signed at Barnes & Noble when Ozzy did a book signing on Saturday February 27th 2010.

This is is what you get.

1) Perfect condtion book signed by Ozzy Osbourne

2) Flyer of the event for documentation

3) book mark of the event for documentiation

4) copy of the sales receipt with the correct date.

5) A certificate of authenticity with a guarantee for life

6) 3 photos of the autograph signing

The picture shows me with Ozzy at the book signing. This was the best day of my life. Ozzy Rules.

Buyer adds $4.99. shipping. Overseas shipping is $17.99

This is a must for any Ozzy Osbourne or Black Sabbath fan. Don't miss out. Thanks in advance.

Synopsis John Osbourne--better known as Ozzy--tells his wild and crazy life-story. For someone who's admitted to biting the heads off of pigeons and bats and been accused of killing puppies before going onstage, Ozzy sure is likable. His charmingly honest and unabashed voice shines
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