P-38 Fighter Pilot Memoir/Book/Remarque/Photo/Signed


by Major Fredric Arnold

Signed Remarque print by the author is added to the first blank page.

"I am Fredric Arnold, P-38 Fighter Pilot, 50 combat missions, North Africa, Sicily, and Italy, 1943. I am also an artist and the author of Doorknob Five Two, an account of my personal combat experience. I painted the combat illustrations in the book within hours after the incidents occurred. I'm 86 years old and the last remaining survivor of my original P-38 group, so the time has come to divest myself of some wartime memorabilia." Fredric Arnold

Tradeback Perfect Binding Special Edition Signed Book; 274 pages with 10 pages of the author's combat illustrations, escape map, and squadron photos . Included with this offering is a signed 8x10 photograph of Arnold in the cockpit of his P-38. (Signed photo is valued $50.00 by Sanders Price Guide to Autographs.)

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About the Author

Major Fredric Arnold completed fifty combat missions as a P-38 fighter pilot in North Africa during World War II. He was awarded the Distinguished

Major Arnold is the subject of the film documentary, "Between Two Worlds," memorializing the 12 men killed who were in his original group of 14 P-38 Fighter Pilots in 1943, and winner of several Best Documentary Film Festival Awards

Some Reviews of the Book

Col. Erich Hartmann, Luftwaffe, World's Top Ace:
"Best book by WW II fighter pilot. It has a place of honor on my bookshelf. I will read it again and again."

United States Air Force Academy:
"Recommended reading by the United States Air Force Academy. It has a veracity and intensity that convinces."

Ronald Reagan, U.S. President
"Doorknob Five Two is an important contribution to our knowledge of WW II."

Barry Goldwater, U.S. Senator:
"Doorknob Five Two is one hell of a book! I never put it down."

Col. "Pappy" Boyington, Marine Ace:
"Arnold tells it the way it was."

Warren Rudman, U.S. Senator:
"Thrilling, gripping, and fascinating! A graphic depiction of life as a World War II fighter pilot."

General James "Jimmy" Doolittle:
"Doorknob Five Two, better than anything else ever written, tells how we were all learning the job on the job."

New York Times:
"Ironies of battling discrimination on the ground and Messerschmitts in the air."

Col. Robert Overmyer, Fighter Pilot/Astronaut:
"Doorknob Five Two is a remarkable insight into the essence of war and killing by aircraft that books by other fighter aces do not portray."

Publishers Weekly:
"Well-written autobiography, gently poignant moments, aerial scenes and events on the ground are vividly depicted."

Dr. Lawrence Kuznetz, NASA Scientist:
"I was spellbound by this magnificent telling of the time and experiences of the World War II fighter pilot. It is a flawlessly accurate and valuable contribution to our knowledge of that era in aerial combat."

Los Angeles Times:
"Such forthright expression of fear, doubts and human feelings gives this autobiography guts of its own. The action is gripping and well-written."

St. Louis Globe-Democrat
"Arnold's style is prosaic, cut to the bone, quick and to the point, a fighter pilot's technique: get to the target, accomplish the mission and come home. No fooling around. His descriptions bring the reader into the cockpit and offer an unusual slant on WW II."

Capt. Thomas Lanphier, The Adm. Yamamoto Mission:
"Doorknob Five Two is the best book written by a combat fighter pilot since Antoine de Saint-Exupery "


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