P-47 Thunderbolt Flown by Gabby Gabreski Airplane Model

P-47 Thunderbolt Flown by Gabby Gabreski Airplane Model Hand-carved and Hand-Painted Mahogany Model In Stock and Ready to Ship! Don't wait 3-4 weeks for inferior models! We stock and ship all our models from our Arizona Warehouse, not from Asia! Most orders ship the same day!

Republic P47 Thunderbolt Jug USAF Fighter Bomber WWII Wood Desktop Model Plane

Also known as T-bolt, Juggernaut or Jug, The American Republic P-47 Thunderbolt was the largest single-engined fighter of its day. The P-47 picked up the nickname Jug because it was something of a juggernaut -- heavy, extremely sturdy, and well armed. The P-47 Thunderbolt was one of the main United States Army Air Force (USAAF) fighters of the Second World War.

Francis Stanley Gabby Gabreski became part of the 56th Fighter Group, flying the P-47 Thunderbolt, as part of the 61st Fighter Squadron, and quickly became a flight leader on February 27, 1943. He was immediately resented by many of his fellow pilots, and his opinionated, verbose personality did little to ameliorate the situation. In May, shortly after the group moved to RAF Halesworth and entered combat, Gabreski was promoted to major. He took command of the 61st Fighter Squadron when its CO was moved up to group deputy commander on June 9. This also stirred ill feelings toward him since he had jumped
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