P104 Medieval Chain Mail sleeves (for chainmail shirt)

P104 - Medieval Chain Mail sleeves (parts of chainmail shirt) For those of you who hate the heavy weight of a chainmail shirt we offer just the sleeves which you can fix to your gambeson or a leather jacket, thus taking abt. 10 kgs (22 lbs.) off your back.You can cover up this “trick” by wearing a surcoat, and it will look as if a full chainmail shirt is worn underneath.
These sleeves weigh 1.65 kg (3.5 lbs.) each,
they are 65 cms. (24”) long,
girth at shoulder : 43 cms. (17"),
girth at wrist : 28cms. (11”).
We repeat the material description which you may know from our other chainmail products:These chainmail items were recently handmade from zinc plated 16 gauge steel links, combined in the early pattern (4 links through the 5th), inner link dia. 3/8" (10 mms).Zinc coating protects them from rust, however, that does not look too original.If you want them in dark finish, please add £12.50 for the pair.It takes 10 workdays to have that done. See chart below for shipping charges to other countries than UK.