P2K #40810 Fairbanks-Morse H10-44 w/Sound & DCC




by PROTO 2000

PROTO 2000 Fairbanks-Morse H10-44 Powered w/Sound & DCC -- Pennsylvania #9095

1940s-Era Switchers with 21st Century Detailing

* Prototype-Specific Detailing * Modeler-applied F-M Logo & Builder's Plates * Magnetic Knuckle Couplers * All-Wheel Drive & Electrical Pickup * Machined Brass Flywheel * Constant & Directional Headlights * RP-25 Wheels * Heavy Die Cast Chassis * Five-Pole Skew-Wound Motor * Available With or Without Factory-Installed Sound & DCC Sound can be operated with standard DC power pack or DCC controllers. Sound features include: Diesel Engine, Horn, Bell, Squealing Brakes, Doppler Effect, Air Let Off (in neutral), Headlight, and Trailer which mutes whistle and bell for double heading.
By the early 1930s, Fairbanks-Morse was ready to expand its line of diesel prime movers with a new design aimed at railroads. The new Model 38 as it was known used opposed pistons in place of a traditional cylinder head to form the combustion chamber. Although more mechanically complex, it was very smooth running and quiet when properly adjusted. The original six-cylinder 5 x 6" design could generate 300 horsepower; the Milwaukee Road had a single rail car, and the Baltimore & Ohio had two fitted with
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