This old fullsize violin is unlabelled. However I would estimate that it dates from the 1920s or 1930s and was probably made in Germany, possibly Czechoslovakia.

It is a nicely-made instrument which plays very well. The scroll and pegbox are nicely carved. The pegs are an ebony set, all adjusting correctly. The fingerboard appears to be a replacement but it does the job perfectly well. I left on the old bridge which came with the violin but fitted a new set of medium-quality strings. The tailpiece has a fine tuner for each string. The front of the violin is made from close-grained spruce, the back and ribs from lightly-flamed maple. The general appearance of the violin is very good, with its light brown colouring and clean lines. The purfling is inlaid. The condition is very good, with no cracks and no other damage. The varnish has a few small blemishes, but it is good for a violin of this age.

I was impressed with the smooth and clear sound which this instrument produces. (I would normally recommend better strings be fitted but in this case the buyer may wish to leave the existing strings on.)

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