P90X Fitness DVDS **ALL 13** FREE SHIPPING!!!


This auction is for a FULL set of P90X dvds. This set has been used but basically brand new. I purchased it for my girl friend but she never used it. It is in excellent condition with absolutly no scratches. I personally played each dvd to be 100% sure they all played correctly without any skipping or problems. P90X is a hardcore workout program designed to get your body to it's fullest potential in just 90 days.

The DVDS included are:

01 Chest & Back

Targeted strength and definition workout emphasizes two classic upper-body exercises.

02 Plyometrics

Explosive jumping cardio routine proven to dramatically improve athletic performance.

03 Shoulders & Arms

Potent combination of pressing, curling, and fly movements that will leave you stronger.

04 Yoga X

Combines strength, balance, flexibility, and breath work to enhance your physique and calm your mind.

05 Legs & Back

Get ready to squat, lunge, and pull for a total-body workout like no other.

06 Kenpo X

Intense cardiovascular workout with punching and kicking for endurance, balance, and coordination.

07 X Stretch

Achieve a higher level of athleticism over a longer period of time, plus prevent injuries and avoid plateaus.

08 Core Synergistics
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