Pablo Picasso Portraits 5 Art Prints Framed Set Dora Maar Marie-Thérèse t

Pablo Picasso Portraits 5 Prints Framed Set Dora Maar Marie-Thérèse Cubist Art

5 Pablo Picasso Portrait Prints in 3 Wooden Frames Matted Portrait of Dora Maar and Marie -Thérèse included. Size of Print: Marie -Thérèse. Framed: 12" x 15". Other Prints: 4" x 5". Framed: 8" x 15". Condition: As New , clean prints. Frame Condition: As New , matted and framed nicely, little wear .1st Editions and Antiquarian Books 8000+ Feedback Ebay - Members Since 2001 American Booksellers Association ( ABA ) - Member Independent Online Booksellers Association ( IOBA ) - Member See My Other Items