Pac man or Ms Pacman Arcade PCB Board Repair Service

M Pac man or Ms Pacman PCB Repair Service The Computer Aided Testing System is used to test and verify each section of the board Ms Pacman repair: each section of the board is tested and verified.... This web page describes some of the testing and diagnosis your PCB will undergo when you send it in for repair. It shows some of the test interfaces I have developed over the years to aid in the repair and reliable operation of your board.

The following information describes only some of the testing and troubleshooting performed. Although different repairs will not involve the same troubleshooting / repair, this page will give you a general idea of what your board will go through while at the shop. For complete details you can Google "Computer Aided Testing" and go to my website.

This Auction is for the repair of one Pacman, Ms Pacman, Jr Pacman, or Pacman Plus circuit board.

The Program chips are tested and verified. Every program chip is verified and compared against a master data reference, and is replaced or reprogrammed, as required. All connections in the sockets for these chips are also analyzed, as the test procedure is performed while the program chips physically exist on the circuit board under test.
All variations of conversions can be tested and repaired. Original, 8-chip, 6-chip, single-chip, and
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