Pacific Rail Tidewater Southern BoxCar # 503 (Kit)

This was a Kit, and a gift from someone. The car is mostly put together with extra parts and instructions with the original packaging. The car is plastic, a brown color with yellow stamping. There is a decal saying "Serving California's Heartland" with picture of wine bottle, fruit, etc. Unknown if this has even been on a track and only thing I notice as "error" is one step has come off but there are more in spare parts.

***Buyer to pay $3.00 to cover shipping insurance.***

Vintage American Flyer Trains

For sale from a collection by my father since his youth. All items have been stored in a clean, moisture free environment. He has kept them displayed in cabinet with plexiglass when not in use. They are always handled gently and have all worked and been in running condition. I have considered selling as a lot to an auction house but felt other collectors would better appreciate their value. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or offer considerations. Please ask questions via ebay mail or request more pictures so both buyer and seller are happy at the end of the transaction. Trains are meant to be sold "as is" condition. All sales are final.