6 Pack of Budweiser Flat Top Cans unopened in carton

This auction is for a very rare 6 pack of Budweiser cans in the original cardboard carton. It has all the original cans in it and they have never been opened. All the cans are in great condition with only a couple of light scratches and no dents. 2 of the cans feel like they were filled with only half the beer. I was told this was normal back then. The carton is a little torn on the top from being 50+ years old, but the sides look great on a display shelf. They have 5 cities on the cans and each one has 5% alcohol on top with a 2 cent Alabama tax paid. On the bottoms of the cans 4 have a 295F and 2 have a 295C. I was told the letters represent what machine they came out of. A couple of the tops are a lighter gold finish but look great. If you have any questions please email me.

I am listing these with a low reserve for only a 3 day auction. This would look great on any gameroom shelf or bar. Remember this auction is for display only and not to be consumed. You must be of leagal age in your state to bid on this auction.

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