Packard 1949 Dealer Showroom Album RARE

Packard 1949 Dealer Showroom Album RARE

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Packard 1949 "The Golden Value of Motordom" Dealer Showroom Album.

This 15 x 11 1/4 inch Deluxe Album opens with 48 pages of color Illustrations detailing the Features, Comfort, Beauty, etc. of the 1949 Packard. After a transparent divider, it moves into the 18-page section detailing and showing each available Model with color pictures, including:

The Packard Eight Club Sedan Touring Sedan Station Sedan (showing the wood-paneled model) Deluxe Club Sedan Deluxe Touring Sedan Packard Super Touring Sedan Super Club Sedan Super Deluxe Club Sedan Super Deluxe 7-Passenger Sedan and Limousine Super Deluxe Packard Convertible

After several pages of features and options, t are Pallette-Style pages of Paint Chips and Upholstery Samples, all intact and in good condition except for one cloth sample, which is missing. The back cover of the binder has a pocketed section containing two small books, each about 4 x 8 1/4 inches.

The "Facts" book is a 40-page spiral-bound, tab-indexed source of information on the technical features and specifications for the year, including chassis, engine, and body.

The other Booklet has two options: opened one way it has order sheets, opened the other way it has appraisal sheets for used vehicles.
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