Packard-Bell Radio with Tuning Eye, Mod 48, Short Wave

This old Wood Packard-Bell Radio is in great condition. It plays well and all of the original knobs are on it. It has a Tuning eye to help fine tune the stations. Like all old tube type radios that have sat for years, t is some static when the knobs are turned but that isn't present once you are on a station (I think some tuner cleaner would fix that). All of the shafts are tight and the tuner moves smoothly as it should. The Wood Case or Cabinet is made of heavy hardwood and is in great condition. It gets Shortwave Stations from all around the world (t are stations from many countries marked all around the dial). It gets Police Band also as well as standard AM Broadcast Band (The AM stations are labled around the top of the dial). This is a nice old Solid Wood Case, not plywood veneer. Please don't wait until the last day of an auction to ask for shipping costs if you can ask earlier. I don't prepackage my items because I don't know if they are going to receive any bids, so when you wait till the last minute I have to find or make a box and package the item so I can weigh it and calculate shipping costs. Multiply this by several items and you can see that it creates an emergency that could be avoided in most cases. Sometimes I may be working or away from the house and the questions won't be answered. Ask questions as early as you ... read more