Packers Ticket Stubs for Games With All NFC Teams

One ticket stub for a Green Bay Packers game at Lambeau Field against each of the other 15 NFC teams. Also includes a ticket to the Packers annual Shareholders meeting held at Lambeau Field on July 24, 2008. Nine of the tickets are for games that were part of the Brett Favre consecutive start string and six were for games that Aaron Rodgers started. Includes this year's game against Vikings where Adrian Peterson rushed for 210 yards, and this year's game against the Saints where Drew Brees tied the Johny Unitas record of at least one touchdown pass in 47 consecutive games. Tickets were all taken to the game and show minor wear and/or creases. Tickets before 2008 were ripped or separated at a perforation upon entrance, later tickets had the bar code scanned at the gate. Specific tickets in the set include:

Vikings 12/2/2012 Packers Win 23-14

Bears 9/19/2004 Packers Lose 21-10

Lions 12/17/2006 Packers Win 17-9

49ers 12/5/2010 Packers Win34-16

Seahawks 12/27/2009 Packers Win 48-10

Cardinals 1/2/2000 Packers Win 49-24

Rams 10/8/2006 Packers Lose 23-20

Falcons 9/8/2002 Packers Win 37-34

Buccaneers 11/4/2001 Packers Win 21-20

Saints 9/30/2012 Packers Win 28-27

Panthers 11/30/2008 Packers Lose 35-31

Redskins 10/20/2002 Packers Win 30-9

Giants 12/2
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