packham sheet metal pexto tinsmith crimper bead crimp

PACKHAM # 3 CRIMPER with crimp rolls & spacer rolls. bead rolls ( NOT INCLUDED ) can be added to crimp & bead at the same time. Made by PACKHAM CRIMPER CO. MECHANICSBURG, O. It is almost identical to the PEXTO 581, and the 581 & pexto 7A rolls fit this machine, the 622 rolls also fit the shaft, BUT they are a little too big OD. It is all original, except the roll adjustment handle on top, it even has its original brass name tag on top. The rolls are in excellent condition, and make an angled crimp. I think it works smoother & easier than the PEXTO 581. It will fit any standard bench clamp approx. 1 1/2 inches, but first you must grind off a factory ridge on its bottom nipple which I believe was to keep it in position in its original base without having to use a set screw, so it wouldn't turn, that is a simple task, but I didn't do it so it would stay original & used it in a vise. PLEASE KEEP CHECKING MY OTHER ITEMS, I will be listing at least a dozen or more top USA brands of sheet metal machines & tools for HVAC duct work & other trades....I will be listing BRAKES - NOTCHERS - CHEEK BENDERS - PUNCHES - 110 VOLT PITTSBURGH FLANGER - CRIMPERS - SLIP ROLLS - BAR FOLDS - DRIVE EAR BENDER - DRIVE NOTCHER - CIRCLE CUTTER - & MORE !!! All by PEXTO - NIAGARA - ENGEL - LOCKFORMER - WHITNEY - ECT... I am in ... read more