Painted Ponies Bedazzled + Fancy Dancer (2-pcs.)

Painted Ponies Bedazzled + Fancy Dancer (2-pcs.)

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#12245 Resin Height: 6.75"
January 2007 Item 1.) Bedazzled
Made of solid resin. Measures 7" high. Artist: J.E. Speight To ride on a carousel is every child's dream, and most adults find that carousels bring back the joys of childhood. Bedazzled embodies all the characteristics of the Coney Island carousel style that reached its peak at the turn of the 20th Century. Her silver dapple coat, flowing gold mane and tail, and sparkling jewels would bring squeals of delight from any child, says creator J.E. Speight, who studied the various styles of the famous early carousels while serving as the head painter on several restored carousel horses in Salem, Oregon's Riverfront Park.

Item 2.) Fancy Dancer

This item is a Second Edition or higher #12247 Resin Height: 9.5
January 2007
Artist: Devon Archer The Fancy Dance evolved from the early Plains tribe's war and victory dances. It is an energetic style of dance, usually performed by younger men who spin, twist, and make quick steps and fast turns. Their outfits are traditionally composed of lots of
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