This elven ranger, Ilmarin Duskwander, wields a glowing magical double bladed sword and has been sculpted by Werner Klocke for the Dark Heaven Legends Series for Reaper Miniatures. He is curious about all visitors who journey into his forest home and has agreed to aid you and your adventuring companions traverse its hidden paths!
He has been lovingly painted to play and/or display standard, and sealed three times with acrylic matte sealer. He is 25mm. I use a variety of acrylic paints & inks, and I do use some metallic paints. I have added some woodlands flocking to his feet as he pads softly though the forest. He would be at home in any Dungeons & Dragons campaign, Warhammer Quest adventure, Mordheim Warband, or as a rallying hero in a tactical miniature game.
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