Painted turtle medicine bag Chippewa American Indian


I finally finished this painted turtle bead. I painted it in the four medicine wheel colors of red, white, black and yellow. Then I glazed it with a satin glaze which makes it durable and addictively touchable. On one side is a red, whiteheart antique pony bead, and on the other side is a metal spacer bead with a tin cone. It is fixed to this medicine bag that I just finished. Hand cut and laced in soft, golden deerskin.

The actual turtle measures 1.25 inches wide by 2.5 inches long . The bag measures 2.5 inches wide by 2.75 inches long .

Medicine Bag

A Medicine Bag is usually made of a soft deerskin and either worn around the neck or on a belt. Filled with variety of items, peculiar only to the owner. Maybe special stones, herbs, mementos...anything that is personally auspicious.

Medicine Wheel Colors

White: north, winter, elders, wisdom

Red: south, summer, adolescence, vitality

Yellow: east, spring, childhood, beginnings

Black: west, fall, adulthood, productivity

S & H USA : $ 3.00

S & H Global : $ 7.00

Shipping will always be combined for savings when possible.

Paypal preferred, however I also accept personal checks w/10 day clearance & United States Postal Service Money orders in US currency.

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